Dr. Jon C Jackson,   MD
Doctor Jackson has been in Practice in Florida for more than 37 years. No matter what rumors you hear, he is NOT retired!  He was just here today to see some patients.  He DOES work a few days from home, thanks to the magic of computers! Maybe you'll get to see him at your next visit.  He loves his patients too much to ever give up this job!  :)


Dr. Joo Y. Kim, MD
Dr. Kim is BACK with us and we are so happy!  Dr. Kim is a wonderful Doctor who we are glad to have back on our Staff.  She was with us several years ago, left to work at the V.A. with her Husband, and has now been back with us for a year and a half.  Welcome "home" Dr. Kim!  :)

Sarah Brown, ARNP
 Sarah joined our team recently, but has a lot of experience as an ARNP in the Volusia County area.  She is sweet and a great listener, but will also tell you when you need to make changes.  We are SO excited to have her on our team!

Kristi LaFreniere ARNP
 Kristi has been with us for several months now, and helped bring Sarah to our team.  Kristi is very thorough, also a good listener, and will really give you great medical care.  We are also excited to have Kristi on our team!

Michelle Jackson,   Medical Practice Manager
Michelle came to PCCPO for the opportunity to get to work with her Dad. She's enjoying the challenges of the new career and finds that there's never a dull moment! Her hobbies include travel, photography, her dog Buddy and giving back to the community by doing volunteer work.

Kimberlee Lanphear,   Medical Assistant
Kimberlee, also with us for many years, is quick-thinking and full of medical knowledge, and is always ready to give the best care possible to our patients. She recently bought a Magenta Motorcycle and enjoys spending time with her two dogs.

Kellie McArthur,   Reception 
YES, the rumor is TRUE ... Kellie is back!  Kellie, who you saw at the Check Out Desk for 11+ years, left us to get her Realtors License.  Kellie is now working as a Realtor, and is helping our growing office Part-Time answering phone calls and helping the patients she grew to love, during all of her years on our Staff.  

Nancy Lusk,   Referral Coordinator 
Nancy works magic by coordinating Referrals for all of our patients! She's our in-house "Jersey Girl" and enjoys good Italian Gravy, seeing movies and quality time with her husband and their dogs.

 Mark Brumley, M.A.
Mark has been with us for several years, and was originally the person who took your Vital signs and got you ready for your Doctor Visit.  He now works in our Triage Dept and is that friendly voice you'll hear, giving great with Patient Care over the phone!

Donna Williams, M.A.
Donna loads the patients into the rooms, and greets our patients with her amazing smile.  She is sweet and kind and loves getting patients ready for their visits with our Providers.

Bethanie Day, Receptionist
 Bethanie took over at the Check Out Desk for Kellie and is doing a fantastic job of checking out Patients ... with a the friendliest smile.  Bethanie is also a Registered Medical Assistant, and helps with Triage too.  She's learning quite a few different roles at our office, just like her predecessor Kellie did!

We'll Always Love you, Larry: