Frequently Asked Questions:

I HAVE A MEDICAL EMERGENCY.... Please go to the nearest phone and dial 911.

I NEED A REFILL .... Please call your pharmacy and ask them to FAX US for your refill. This is standard practice, and all pharmacies will comply.

CAN I SEE THE SAME DOCTOR AT EACH VISIT?   Although we will try our best to make that happen for you, we can NOT always GUARANTEE it. Our Doctors' schedules rotate randomly, and we truly do not know which days they will be here! If you request a specific doctor, we will put "requested, if possible" when you check in, and if he/she IS here that day, we will do our best to make it happen! Thank you for cooperating and understanding.

WHAT FORMS OF PAYMENT DO YOU ACCEPT?   We accept cash and checks at this time. We do not currently take credit cards.

WHAT INSURANCE DO YOU ACCEPT? We are currently accepting all forms of HUMANA Insurance. Visit the Humana website: http://www.humana.com/

Locally, call  Linda Powles: 386-451-2216

DO YOU CLOSE AT LUNCH?   We do NOT close the office at lunch time. We do, however, turn the phones over to the Answering Service so that we can eat while we work at our desks, to catch up on paperwork, between seeing patients.  Just leave a message with the Answering Service during that time, and we will happily call you back!

ARE YOU ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS?   We are gladly accepting new patients who have HUMANA insurance, and who are Effective with Primary Care Center of Port Orange, or any of the Doctors associated with our practice. Please be SURE you have an Effective Date before you call to set up your first appointment.

HOW DO I REPLACE MY MEDICARE CARD?   You can do it over the web! Just click on this link: www.socialsecurity.gov/medicarecard/ Port Orange residents, you may visit the Medicare Office located across from Walmart, in the strip mall behind Walgreens.

WHY MUST I BRING MY MEDICINE BOTTLES EVERY TIME?  We ask you to bring your Bottles to each visit so that we can give you the most ACCURATE information at your appointment, and make sure that you are taking the proper meds! Thank you for your cooperation with this. We appreciate it!